Our Core Purpose (old)

Our Core Purpose (old)

“To See All People Glorify God by Finding Joy in Christ”

“To See All People”

Our desire is to see every person in our town, region, state, nation and world find eternal life in Jesus Christ.

“Glorify God”

We affirm that the chief end of man is to honor God. We affirm the centrality and supremacy of God in all things and we define our existence and purpose in Him.

“By Finding”

We affirm that we are all on a journey seeking more truth and more life in Christ. We are works in progress, growing in our experience of joy as we grow in our maturity in Christ.

“Joy in Christ”

We believe that all meaning, satisfaction, hope and true biblical joy is found in the person of Jesus Christ. Biblical joy is available to a follower of Jesus at all times in all circumstances because it is based in the presence of God. “Joy” is the term we are using to describe the hope that is possible in Christ which produces peace with God and hope in His promises.