Sermons on 1 John

Sermons on 1 John

The File Test of Christianity

1 John 4:1-6 Start with the person and work of Jesus. The true Spirit of God is going to get the doctrine of the Son of God correct. The Spirit of God always glorifies the Son of God. Always tells the truth about the Son. So the first test of which spirit you’re listening to is: Is the person speaking the truth about Jesus? The second test is to examine what the world thinks of them. Remember, the world has…

Undeniable Family Resemblance

1 John 2:28-3:10 This is where it gets challenging. You cannot be a son or daughter of God and carry a casual attitude toward sin. If you think you’re a Christian but don’t really care about ethical and moral purity, you’re fooling yourself. If you adopt and accept sin as if it’s a part of you, you may not be in God’s family. Becoming a child of God is supposed to change everything about how we act, how we quit sin…

Two Kinds of Christians

1 John 2:7-11 Because of sin, we all start out selfish. Becoming a Christian doesn’t make our selfishness disappear. Studying the Bible, gaining a better grasp on who God is, growing up in a Bible-teaching church, none of that makes your selfishness and hatred just go away. Meeting Jesus and getting to know Him doesn’t automatically make us loving. Remember the disciples who actually lived with Jesus for three years? Remember how on the night that Jesus sweat blood because…
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