Sermons by Pastor Zeke Pipher (Page 2)

Sermons by Pastor Zeke Pipher (Page 2)


Exodus 30:11-31:17 The Tabernacle and the entire sacrificial system showed the people that God loved them and wanted to be with them. But it showed them that He was not like them. One man, one day a year, in great dread represented all Israel to God. But the beauty of the story is that one man, one day a year, in great dread, represented all of Israel to God all because God Himself made a way. God does the work…


Exodus 25-27 The most essential thing about us is that we were made to be with God. Everything we need – purpose, acceptance, relationship, dignity, meaning, hope security, peace, pleasure – every deep human longing we have was made to be satisfied in the presence of God. And the beauty of it is that God wants to satisfy us with His presence. 


Exodus 23:20-24:18 I read these stories in the Bible, and they remind me that this life we live with God is all grace. It’s all a gift. We marvel at how Israel missed this grace. But how easy is it for us to do the same thing with Jesus and the life of grace we live? There is simply nothing in our lives that we have or will possess that we haven’t been given. I dare you to mention one…