Sermons (Page 5)

Sermons (Page 5)

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Making the Visit Personal

Luke 14:25-30 A part of what is so good and important at Christmas is to look at how God loves us so much. He loves every single person in this room with a love that is beyond our ability to understand. And this love is perfectly displayed in that moment when God visited earth. What a beyond amazing moment the incarnation was! God didn’t stop being God in that moment. He didn’t give up any of His deity when He…

The Visit

Various Passages If we want to have our breath taken away by what God has done, we must first have our breath taken away by who God is. This is what happened to a few people in the Old Testaments when they caught just a glimpse of who God is. Let me mention a couple. Moses asks God, “Please, show me your glory.” God has to wedge Moses into a rock and shield Moses with His hand so he doesn’t…