Sermons from January 2019

Sermons from January 2019


Exodus 23:20-24:18 I read these stories in the Bible, and they remind me that this life we live with God is all grace. It’s all a gift. We marvel at how Israel missed this grace. But how easy is it for us to do the same thing with Jesus and the life of grace we live? There is simply nothing in our lives that we have or will possess that we haven’t been given. I dare you to mention one…

The Great Dance

Exodus 20:18-23:19 The clearest truth from these passages is this: justice, fairness, and the use of power appropriately happen when we have a proper view of God and a proper response to God. Where people do not fear the Lord, people will be treated unjustly. Power will be abused. But where people fear the Lord, we will treat each other with incredible humility, honor, love, service, and protection.

Give Me

Exodus 20:17 Coveting is a heart issue. It’s a heart sickness. It’s not actually an issue of not having. It’s an issue of not wanting the right thing. I have absolutely no doubt that every one of us has coveted. What a powerful thing it would be if each out us would admit this, confess it, and pray, “Father, through Your Spirit, through faith in the finished work of Jesus, make the longing of my heart only say, ‘Give me…
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