God and Government

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  1. Michael Duenes

    Great job, as always, brother. A couple of thoughts occur to me as both a citizen of the US and of Kansas: In the US we have governments, not just a government. When the federal government unconstitutionally usurps its authority and tells me to do something, or not do something, where the government of Kansas or Nebraska has told me to do something different, which government am Into obey?

    A second question: When it comes to taxes, can governments ever be guilty of theft? And if they can, what ought to be the response of a faithful Christian citizen in a constitutional republic like ours? In other words, I think there are many specific ways in which we evangelicals have a facile “submit to the government” view because of Romans 13, and we have not been helped with the some real, nitty gritty specifics of what that looks like in our current US system. So religious liberty keeps going down the drain and we generally have not much of a strategic and principled resistance because, Romans 13. We are in dire need of Civics 101 in the church.

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