Honor – 5th Commandment

Honor – 5th Commandment

Exodus 20:12

The first and primary audience for this command is children in the home. What you young people do with this command today will lead to flourishing as a person later or to floundering as a person later. That may seem like a huge thing to say about this one verse. Here’s how it is true: Your choice to honor your parents and obey them will shape you into a person who honors and obeys all the authority that will be in your life for the next 60-80 years. “Authority” isn’t a word we typically celebrate. Many people look down on authority today. Young men and women, hear me on this, a negative attitude toward authority will turn your life into a constant mess. This is because God created authority upon the earth. It’s His idea. It originated from Him, and all authority, even those men and women who do not know or honor God, comes from God. In fact, the very nature of our salvation involves authority. When we become a Christian, we are acknowledging that Jesus has all authority over our lives. Learning to honor authority and submit to authority is a good thing. And children, the 5th Commandment prepares you to honor authority well your entire life. You’re called to honor and obey your parents because it is shaping your heart and your future – and the practice of honoring authority is your path to human flourishing. Children, there is a path you can take today that will lead you into your best possible future and life. It all comes down to honoring your mother and father – obeying them out of your reverence for God.


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