Leaving Pride in Egypt

Leaving Pride in Egypt

Exodus 18:1-27

True humility as God defines it, displayed in Christ, and as we see it here in Moses is the ability to see the truth about who you are and what God has made you to do. Then, motivated by grace, you do everything you can with who you are to love and serve God and others. Moses doesn’t deny he’s been called by God. He doesn’t deny that he has a special ability to discern and judge – an ability greater than the other judges of Israel. He doesn’t falsely downgrade himself or falsely exalt himself either. He simply serves. Loves others. Loves God. Puts his shoulder to the plow and does what the community needs from him. That’s humility. And the people respond in humility. They submit to this structure. This is still the secret of the church’s success today. The power of God testified through humble, warm, loving people that God uses to build His church.


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