Made for Love

Made for Love

1 John 1:1-4

Fellowship is what is experienced when people who share the same faith in God walk together in the ways of God. Fellowship is the set of emotions, of commitments, of longings and likings that are caused by people loving and following Jesus together. Fellowship is a sense of deep connectedness when you know you are loved and you love others because you are rooted together in Christ on mission for the gospel. You want to talk about what will win others to Christ? What they will see and want with a thirst so strong they break down the doors of this building to get in?  It’s this love and enjoyment we have in each other. When we want the best for each other. When we put each other first because our joy is in it. When our lives are filled with purpose and mission because we’re following Christ together. When we’re living and preaching the Gospel together. When we’re fulling enjoying fellowship with each other, and we’re inviting them into this fellowship with God and with us.


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