Murder – 6th Commandment

Murder – 6th Commandment

Exodus 20:13

The 6th commandment – “You shall not murder” – is prohibiting the most offensive act that a person can commit against God. Murder is the unjustified, illegal, or immoral taking of another person’s life. And the reason it’s the most offensive act a person can commit against God is because every single human being carries the image of God. We’ve been searching for how these commands show up in the New Covenant. First, obviously, murder is against the heart and will of God for humanity. Which means as Christians, this value must inform how we love our neighbors. I mentioned a litany of issues earlier, but I felt deeply convicted that we need to spend the rest of our time on the issue that is causing the murder of the greatest number of human beings in our society: abortion. I realize that statement and that language is politically charged today. But in the context today as we discuss the 6th Commandment, we must call abortion murder. To make a statement less strong is to minimize the image of God in our pre-born children. Psalm 139 says that we are mysteriously and wonderfully made – that we are knit together. Who is doing the knitting? God. What happens in a womb is God’s work of making a person, a human being, an eternal human soul. It is also God’s work of making someone who will for generations – or should for generations – be able to praise and worship God. God makes human life. God makes people to know Him and praise Him. Any destruction of human life in the womb is a destruction of God’s precious work and a destruction of God’s future worshippers. We don’t have the right to mess with that.


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