No Other Gods – 1st Commandment

No Other Gods – 1st Commandment

Exodus 20:1-3

I think we struggle to see God as being truly relational and having perfect and beautiful reasons for this command, “You shall have no other gods before me.” I think our tendency when we read something like this first command is to say: He’s just dictating rules to us because He is God. We don’t tend to see Him as our Husbandman who loves us and has the rights to our heart and loyalty because He redeemed us from living death into life. The “other gods” here must be defined through the lens of a relational covenant that demands our hearts’ commitments. God has the rights to Israel’s heart and fidelity and obedience. He has the rights to being the One who they look to for all the pleasures of life – joy, peace, security, a future. But, when you’re dealing with the heart… and fidelity… and things we look to for joy, peace, security, and a future, any of God’s good gifts can be turned into an “other god.” We are made, as people, to give ourselves to something… or to many things. That is worship broadly defined. It’s adoring, deeply valuing, ascribing beauty and importance to something. It’s hoping in something. If you are in Christ by faith, God loves you with a love indescribable. He wants to be everything for you because your life will only be found in worshiping and serving Him. But He still gives us choice, as Christians. We must choose to stay loyal and committed to worshiping and serving God, above all things.



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