Two Kinds of Christians

Two Kinds of Christians

1 John 2:7-11

Because of sin, we all start out selfish. Becoming a Christian doesn’t make our selfishness disappear. Studying the Bible, gaining a better grasp on who God is, growing up in a Bible-teaching church, none of that makes your selfishness and hatred just go away. Meeting Jesus and getting to know Him doesn’t automatically make us loving. Remember the disciples who actually lived with Jesus for three years? Remember how on the night that Jesus sweat blood because of what lay ahead for Him, the night that He needed His friends to be in His corner, loving Him, supporting Him, praying for Him, and reading Scriptures over Him, remember what His friends who knew Him well were doing? They were arguing over who would get to be first in the kingdom. In one of the most ironic moments the world has ever known, when the most selfless act was beginning, the people who knew Jesus the best were being utterly selfish. No, it’s not enough to know Jesus. To meet Jesus. To like Jesus. We actually have to make a commitment – a decision of the will each day, to love the way He loves us. He’s giving us a new command which is also ancient. Love each other as I have loved you.


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