New Here?

New Here?

Welcome  to Heartland church. Perhaps you’ve arrived at our website because you’re investigating us as a potential church home. Perhaps you’re already a part of Heartland, and you’re here to check the calendar, view photos, or download a sermon. Whatever your reasons for spending time on our site, welcome! As the lead pastor, let me share with you what we’re about as a church. We exist

“to see all people glorify God by finding joy in Christ.”

Joy is an important word for our community. When we use the word “joy,” we don’t mean happiness. Happiness is a good thing, but when we say our purpose is to “find joy,” we’re saying that we want the experience of life and peace that follows a decision to make Jesus our Lord and Savior. Heartland’s goal is to make God central and supreme in our community in order that we might have joy. We believe that sourcing our joy in Christ is also the way we best honor God. I hope you enjoy your time on our website. I also hope to see you this Sunday morning at church. Heartland is a warm and welcoming community that will receive you just as you are – no matter what you’re going through. Come worship with us!

Enjoying Christ together, 

Dr. Zeke Pipher

(Stop by our Coffee Bar for a free cup of coffee on your first visit to our Sunday Worship Service.)

What to Expect