Children’s Wing Construction Updates

Children’s Wing Construction Updates

As of May 8…………..

As of April 4 – Drywall is almost finished. Painting will happen very soon!

January 23 – Fire sprinklers are installed, furnaces & air conditioners and new ductwork are being installed, electrical wiring and boxes are installed, and plumbing equipment waits to be installed


Nov. 25 – Work on the children’s wing continues, but progress is slow. The fire sprinkler pipes are in and most of the framing work is complete. The furnaces and duct work are next. . . . .

Nov. 13 – It looks pretty much the same, but the fire sprinklers are all in in this part. We are awaiting some further decisions before work will continue. We will keep updating information as it happens.

Nov. 1 – The fire sprinkler company should begin work adding fire sprinklers this week. This has to be done first, before any other construction can continue. This is what it looks like right now.