Forward Together

Forward Together

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God is doing great things here at Heartland. Please join us as we move Forward Together with this opportunity to proclaim the gospel of Jesus in our community. Staff, elders, and building committee members feel that this building project will allow us to steward our time and gifts to glorify God.

We are spending 7 weeks praying together as a church family, clarifying our need for space, and showing how the Phase 2 plans will meet these needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much will this Phase 2 cost to build and furnish?

A: We won't have a precise answer to this question until we gather quotes from various contractors, but our best estimate is that Phase 2 will cost between $4.2M - $4.4M.


Q: How much our goal for pledges?

A: With the estimated build costs mentioned above, we are hoping to see at least $3.5M pledged.


Q: What exactly are we building in Phase 2?

A: Lord willing, we will build the fellowship hall, kitchen, office complex, and some additional children's space. See the image above or check out the foyer displays for more detail.


Q: Who will see my pledge once I turn it in?

A: We take the issue of confidentiality very seriously. Pledge cards will only be viewed by the Pastor of Administration and the Lead Pastor.


Q: Do I need to turn in a new pledge if I pledged last summer?

A: Yes. This is really important because we're only going to work from the new pledges turned in by April 24, 2023. Feel free to turn in the exact same pledge, or modify your last pledge. It's completely up to you.


Q: When will Phase 2 begin? 

A: This depends on the amount pledge and a couple key decisions that membership will make together at a congregational meeting in May. That being said, we all see the need to being this project as soon as possible - perhaps breaking ground in June in hopes of seeing the project completed by summer 2024. Again, toward that end, we're hoping to have all pledges in hand by April 24, 2023.


Q: Who can I speak with about questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions?

A: The staff, elders, and building committee are eager to talk with you.

We are updating our site. Please be patient with the unfinished parts.
We are updating our site. Please be patient with the unfinished parts.