Amy Bailey

Amy is the Interim Children’s Ministry Coordinator. She has been attending Heartland for over 18 years, ever since she and her hubby, Dan, were young(ish) parents in need of a nursery volunteer who could handle their spirited toddler. As a mom with six children (and a “Mimi” of three grandchildren), Amy understands the joys and struggles of the many stages of parenthood. So, if you ever happen to show up to church five minutes late, with your shirt inside out, and your children still in pj’s (not at all taken from her personal life experience), Amy will be right there to cheer you on. She firmly believes in the importance of being able to attend a church that provides a safe and nurturing environment for children. One of her objectives is to ensure that the children’s ministry is filled with compassionate volunteers, who are equipped with the resources they need to share the love of Jesus with your little ones. She also feels blessed to be able to help facilitate an environment where parents are able to have time apart from their kids in order to hear the Word and peacefully fellowship with the body of Christ. On her days off, you can find Amy spending time with her friends and family or reading in a comfy chair with a warm blankie.

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