Paul Beyer

Paul wants to live in a world filled with Pepsi fountains, endless chocolate covered peanut butter cups and a lot fewer vegetables. His life’s ambition is to grow a beard like Pastor JJ.

With his history in law enforcement and his current job, Paul has been blessed to realize his passion for helping people. He has seen people at their best and at their worst and that has helped him develop a deep compassion for God’s people. God has also led Paul through some difficult life experiences, which have led him closer to the Lord and given him a desire to share God’s love and comfort with others. Paul and his wife of 20 years, Julie, have four kids: Jaeden, Makenna, Lawrence, and Annslee.

When he’s not fixing things or helping people find their dream homes, you can find him taking and editing photos and videos. He will also probably be watching his favorite videographer on YouTube….again. 🙂

As a staff member at Heartland, Paul is excited to combine together his passions for God’s people and technology.

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