Sermons by Pastor Scott Johnson

Do Not Murder Part 2

On the surface, the 6th commandment, “You shall not murder” seems like a simple one to obey. But, in the New Testament, there are 2 passages which broaden the definition. In Matt. 5:21-26, Jesus states that the ways in which we speak to and about others can be considered murder – anger, insults, and name-calling are 3 specific examples that He includes. In James 4:1-3, our unchecked passions and desires can be murder as well. Our hearts and our minds…

Walk in the Light as a Family

Psalm 78 On Father’s Day, we continued the theme of walking in light by focusing on the essential part that families have in our lives in Christ. Psalm 78:1-8 emphasizes the roles that parents and other family members have in telling the next generation about the greatness of God. Specifically, fathers should lead the way in encouraging their children to put their confidence in God, remember the works of God and keep His commandments.