Sermons on walk in light

A Tangible Reality

1 John 4:7-21 Here’s the amazing thing – beyond amazing. John is saying that when you and I come together – Sundays, Wednesdays, throughout the week, in our homes perhaps – when we come together as God’s people to love each other like God loves, the invisible God becomes a tangible reality. Tangible means capable of being touched. It means actual, rather than invisible. It means definite, not vague, not elusive, not abstract, but concrete. When we show up to…

Walk in the Light as a Family

Psalm 78 On Father’s Day, we continued the theme of walking in light by focusing on the essential part that families have in our lives in Christ. Psalm 78:1-8 emphasizes the roles that parents and other family members have in telling the next generation about the greatness of God. Specifically, fathers should lead the way in encouraging their children to put their confidence in God, remember the works of God and keep His commandments.

Cockroaches and the Light

1 John 1:5-2:6 God is light. He only dwells in light. His country is light with no darkness… no sin, no moral evil, and no lies. If you are living in darkness, you are not living with God. But the reality is that Jesus came to save sinners. By God’s grace alone, sin isn’t the great disqualifier of living in the light with God. It’s what we do with our sin that either keeps us in the light or keeps…