Cockroaches and the Light

Cockroaches and the Light

1 John 1:5-2:6

God is light. He only dwells in light. His country is light with no darkness… no sin, no moral evil, and no lies. If you are living in darkness, you are not living with God. But the reality is that Jesus came to save sinners. By God’s grace alone, sin isn’t the great disqualifier of living in the light with God. It’s what we do with our sin that either keeps us in the light or keeps us walking in darkness. We can, as people, turn toward God and walk in the light right now. There is freedom out there for us if we take the path God sets before us. What’s the path? It’s to remember and apply the Gospel – the truth that first brought us into the light and out of the darkness. When we, Christians who love the light and hate the darkness, when we sin, we need to remember Jesus. The temptation after we sin is to think of ourselves – how awful and unholy we are and how absolutely unable we are to be with God based on our hearts and our actions. There is a path back to the light – to walking with God and knowing He loves you. You need to take your eyes off of yourself and think about Jesus. Remember, Jesus saves sinners.

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