If You Love the Father

If You Love the Father

1 John 5:1-5

The Gospel is big enough and powerful enough to make us lovers of God and of every single sibling in our new family. If you’re sitting there wondering, am I really doing this? John says, “Look at your life. Look at your decisions. Look at your commitments. Look at all of it to see if you are living for God and obeying all of His commands. If you’re loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, you are loving others well. John’s point is powerful: It is IMPOSSIBLE – logically and Biblically impossible – to do one and not do the other. You are either loving God and all His children, or you are not loving God and loving His children. You don’t prove you love God by saying the right things, you prove it by obeying His commandments. His commandment being – love every person in the Body of Christ. And this command isn’t burdensome. You know why? It’s because you and I have been freed from the way the world thinks and treats people. Grace has freed us. The world’s mantra is, “You have to prove yourself by the things you accomplish, what you do, what you own, how you can outcompete others.” Before you do anything in the world’s system, your question will always be, “What do I get from this? How will this benefit me?” But here’s the central tenet of the Gospel: Jesus overcame the world. Jesus showed the world for what it was – empty, selfish, driven by flesh – and then Jesus defeated the world’s ways of thinking and acting and treating God and other people. The Gospel says that you and I can live as if the world holds no power over us. This is the life of grace.


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