Making the Abstract Concrete

Making the Abstract Concrete

I John 2:18-29

What if God doesn’t want to be abstract, but rather concrete, clearly defined, absolutely knowable? How would He do that? God’s answer to that question is Jesus. “The image of the invisible God.” “Immanuel: God with us.” In this world, we love to talk about spirituality. We love to talk about God. We love to talk about love. We use these abstract words and are comfortable with them because it keeps God out there, undefined, where we like Him. Where He doesn’t have specific things to say to us, commands to give us. But Christianity is the belief that Jesus removes the vagueness, the abstractness of God. In Jesus, God made Himself concrete. Clear. Personal. To be a Christian, a true Christian, is to see Jesus as God. So that every question we have about who God is and what He’s done, what He has in store for the future, every notion we have about God, every hope for who we want God to be, every doubt we have about His intentions or His plans can be taken directly to the person of Jesus and tested, investigated, and often resolved. The person and work of Jesus show us God.


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