The God Who Hears

The God Who Hears

Psalm 63

In Psalm 63:1, we see that David is at a crossroads. He’s being pursued by his enemies who want to take his life. He’s wasting away in one of the most desolate places on earth, and it looks like there’s no hope in sight. I can’t imagine the doubts that were swirling through his head: Is God really a good God? Is this God that I say I believe in really strong enough to save me? Have I misplaced my faith? Because right now it doesn’t feel like God is with me. If we are honest, I think we have a tendency to wrestle with these exact same questions when life isn’t going our way. Is God good? Is God strong? Is God true? When David heard these questions whispered in his ear, he had one answer. Look again at verse 1. David says, “God, you are my God.” In other words, no matter what comes my way, my faith, my trust, my hope is in You. That’s astonishing faith, isn’t it? How did David have that faith? David focused his attention on God’s character, God’s past faithfulness, and God’s promises. We don’t always get to see how God is working. But just because we don’t see Him doesn’t mean we are alone. If you find yourself in a dry season today and you feel alone, I want to encourage you with three simple things. God’s character is good, His faithfulness is proven, and His promises are true.


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