Undeniable Family Resemblance

Undeniable Family Resemblance

1 John 2:28-3:10

This is where it gets challenging. You cannot be a son or daughter of God and carry a casual attitude toward sin. If you think you’re a Christian but don’t really care about ethical and moral purity, you’re fooling yourself. If you adopt and accept sin as if it’s a part of you, you may not be in God’s family. Becoming a child of God is supposed to change everything about how we act, how we quit sin and love others. This is difficult stuff, and if you’re feeling challenged, let me make a suggestion that I think John would want us to consider. I know how it feels to receive a message – or a warning – like this. I know the tendency is to think, “I need to do better. I need to love people better. I need to quit sin better. I need to resemble my Father in heaven better.” That’s a very dangerous way to receive a warning like this about how to live the Christian life. It’s like trying to go to sleep by drinking a pot of coffee. It’s going to work against your stated goal. Christianity isn’t first about behavior. It’s not first about performance. It’s first about a radical realignment of identity. The path to being a son or daughter isn’t to try to feel better about ourselves by the things we do – even the Christian things we do. It’s to feel the weight of our sin and the immensity of how undeserving we are to be a child of God and then to believe the Gospel that it happened anyway. To be amazed, with John, about the “kind of love the Father has given to us; that we should be called children of God.”


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