We’ve Got You Scheduled

We’ve Got You Scheduled

1 John 5:13-21

Jesus now protects us as His family. We have a choice to make to not sin, and we have a way back when we do sin. But for the Christian, whether you sin or not, there’s no way for you to lose your salvation. The evil one cannot steal someone from the family of God. Jesus is infinitely able to keep you. This is important because it can feel really ugly down here sometimes. The entire world operates by the Performance Story. It’s all about you. You must prove your significance, worth, and acceptance by how you live and what you accomplish. But the Gospel has freed us from that way of living and thinking. We can now live by grace, always knowing and experiencing eternal life – the grace and freedoms of being loved and redeemed by God. John’s final word is saying: If you know this grace and freedom, don’t go back to the way it was. Don’t try to use sports, work, income, other people, work, ministry, or even service to the Lord to try to feel worthy or significant. That turns all those things into idols – things you want to do for you what God, by grace, has already done. Let me just sum it up by saying this. If you’re a Christian, I hope God’s Spirit has made you feel loved by God and absolutely secure in your salvation. I hope you walk in deep, loving relationship with the Body. If you’re not sure after looking at 1 John, I hope this letter has created a tremendous unrest in your soul. If you feel that unrest, I hope you have heard the Gospel call into that unrest with an invitation to believe in Jesus and know you are right with God, your Father.


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