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Christmas Series 2018

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The Heart of a Thief – 8th Commandment

Exodus 20:15 Stealing is an action, but like murder, and like adultery, you don’t have to actually steal to have the heart of a thief. There are a couple distinct qualities at work in the heart of a thief. The heart of a thief is the heart of one who desires and is not content. The heart of a thief is also absolutely selfish. There are a million ways and a million things to steal if that’s your heart. You…

Adultery – 7th Commandment

Exodus 20:14 God made us as people to be holy and to only find our joy and peace and deepest pleasure in life when we are being holy according to His ways, and according to His Spirit at work in us. A lot of people accuse pastors of being “kill-joys” or God of being a “kill-joy.” But that’s simply not true. I want nothing more for you than that you be a thoroughly happy, joyful, utterly fulfilled human being. And,…

Do Not Murder Part 2

On the surface, the 6th commandment, “You shall not murder” seems like a simple one to obey. But, in the New Testament, there are 2 passages which broaden the definition. In Matt. 5:21-26, Jesus states that the ways in which we speak to and about others can be considered murder – anger, insults, and name-calling are 3 specific examples that He includes. In James 4:1-3, our unchecked passions and desires can be murder as well. Our hearts and our minds…

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