Power & Vulnerability

Easter Sunday
9:00 and 10:30 services



The Vulnerability of the Cross

Matthew 27:27-44 Even in His humanity, Jesus had the choice to call upon His power as God to crush these soldiers. But Jesus was saying to Peter and to us: I choose a different path. A path of powerlessness. A path whereby Rome actually arrests me. Takes me. Holds me prisoner. Mocks me. Spits on me. Tries me. Convicts me. Executes me. Labels me. Buries me. We must understand both Jesus’ death – the supreme display of human weakness and…

Spiritual Growth: Social Dimension

1 Peter 4:7-11 The fifth and final part of this series on spiritual formation is our social development. God Himself in His being is three persons in one God. When He created man in His image, He included social relationships. If our marriages, family relationships, and interactions at church are Christ-centered, we will be growing socially in a God-honoring way. 1 John 3:2-3 speaks about the ultimate face-to-face encounter when we see Jesus face-to-face. Our social growth now should be…

God Empowers Our Will

Colossians 3:12-17 Our will allows us to not be controlled by the things we think are out of our control. And that includes our character traits. We have a tendency to say, “I’m not a patient person.” Or “I can’t have compassion for them. It’s not in my nature.” But Paul is saying we can put on these character traits! And he gives us a great reason why: God’s will is working in tandem with our will. Just knowing that…

Heartland Pastors

Lead Pastor

Zeke Pipher

Zeke has been the senior pastor at Heartland since 2005. He’s been married to Jamie since 1997, and together they have three children (Kate, Aidan, & Claire). Zeke earned his Master of Divinity from Talbot School of Theology (2001) and his Doctor of Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (2005). Zeke is also an author and freelance outdoor writer. He recently published two books designed to help give men & boys a vision of masculinity and equip older men to initiate…
Administrative/Youth & Family Pastor

JJ Springer

JJ grew up on a farm near Aurora. He and his wife Carol have four kids (or five, depending on the weekend). They have been at Heartland since 2008. Before coming to Heartland, JJ was a teacher and worked for a family policy organization in Lincoln. He enjoys hanging out with students and pointing them to Jesus, taking mission trips to Utah and Colorado, talking about apologetics, adding and subtracting numbers, and arguing about politics. JJ enjoys reading and traveling,…
Worship/Counseling Pastor

Travis Purkerson

Travis and Ruth have been married for 26 years and have six children. Their two oldest children are married and live in Columbus, Nebraska. Ruth and Travis have four children living at home with them: Rebecca, Josie, Clay and Justin. Travis and Ruth have been working in ministry for over 23 years. The majority of those years have been spent in the ministry of worship. Their primary purpose in leading worship at Heartland is to Foster an environment where God…
Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Nathan Musgrave

Nathan and Sandy have been married for 20 years.  They have four children: Anna, Gracie, Emerson & Stella.  Nathan grew up in Central City.  He and Sandy then spent over 10 years working for Send International, a mission organization, serving most of that time in Asia.  Nathan joined the Heartland staff in 2011 as Pastor of Spiritual Formation.  That means that he works to encourage the church in areas of discipleship and spiritual growth.  Our small groups, called Shelterbelts, are sharply…

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